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May 2016

FEPACI covers ten member regions, six of which come from mainland Africa with an additional four new members embracing the African Diaspora.

Regional Secretariats are four year term autonomous offices established to implement the vision of FEPACI from regional bases.

Check out FEPACI and film makers events all over Africa and check with us on how you can take part. We will contact you as soon as you make a booking – to clarify all the necessary details.

In order to ensure that the African film heritage is preserved, used and developed, we encourage all African film makers to join us as members, to make African history by creating within the bounds of structure and benchmarks that are uniquely African.

Our Archive has a collection of carefully preserved African film material that is freely accessed by our members. The archives keep growing over years and we will soon hit our milestone target of 10,000 African films in our database.

The FEPACI board, which comprises regional secretaries, met in Nairobi, Kenya in April of 2016. Among issues discussed by the board are proposed establishment of African Film Fund, African Film Library and the Pan African Film School, other issues include lack of adequate inter-governmental coordination and poor incentive/legislative schemes.

FEPACI works to support African film makers in every way possible. We facilitate, coordinate, strengthen, promote, develop, and advance all interests of the African film maker through policy formulation, provision of information, Government interventions and creation of standards against which the quality of film making can be benchmarked.

We strive to secure continued influence for other players in the film industry, by providing a clear structure for industry influence. We encourage film making in Africa by being the key facilitators for the film making industry in Africa.

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