For the last 47 years, The Pan African Federation of Filmmakers, (FEPACI) has been the driving force in showcasing the value that audiovisual and cinema has brought to the continent. One of the channels that they have recognized to effectively lobby for this, is by promoting the Audio Visual and Cinema Commission in partnership with the African Union and in collaboration with the Kenya Government

The purpose of the AACC is to promote the development of the industry and envision and implement the necessary structures on all policy levels through cooperation with the various national, regional and continental bodies. The primary goal of these activities is to increase the numbers of employment opportunities on the continent and grow the Audio Visual and Cinema contribution to the national economies throughout Africa.

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FEPACI provides training for capacity building and organizational development  for our association members. FEPACI aims to enhance the lobbying skills, policy articulation and membership service design and delivery for filmmakers across Africa.

What to expect from FEPACI?

The Pan African Federation of Filmmakers is in the process of developing and rolling out programs and services specifically focused on helping the national associations  and regional secretariats to better serve their members.

Funding for workshops, meetings with lawmakers and with thematically focused forums and other activities that will increase the entrepreneurial and innovative  spirit of their members. Also assist in building the outreach capacity of filmmakers individually and within their associations.

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The Ambika program is a 360° approach to improving the practical skills of filmmakers, the ever present problem of access to finance and providing a platform for the consideration of holistic and targeted interventions to improve the audiovisual and cinema industry.

The Ambika program is implemented through 4 major initiatives:

  • The Ambika pitching and production forum
  • The Ambika Film fund
  • The Ambika Afrika Safari Film Festival

Each of the above initiatives provides a unique mix of integrated solutions aimed at championing the African story through feature films and documentaries at par with film productions worldwide.

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This program’s goal is to marshall private,public partnership resources towards providing state of the art film, pre and post production equipment in world-class facilities

These facilities will be publicly funded and privately run as regional hubs to remove the barriers to the growth of the audiovisual and cinema industry across the continent of Africa. The privately run facility will work on ensuring efficient and profitable operations to guarantee sustainability.

Please join FEPACI in working to make this program a reality by lobbying and sentizing you national government representatives on the importance of this initiative to the audiovisual and film industry. With your help, we can make this happen.

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Film distribution is a major challenge for filmmakers, especially in the African context.Distribution is the highly competitive business of launching and sustaining films in the marketplace. FEPACI will facilitate the promotion of better distribution networking opprtunities.

The program will promote opportunities to market films, such as film festivals; FEPACI is  also supporting existing festivals  and encouraging the start of new festivals, with the goal of having a festival in each region of Africa. Festivals are not the only one form of intervention. FEPACI is working to provide various platforms,markets, and to better showcase African film, incentivize buyers of African films and protect content copyright.

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