Establishment of Regional Centers of Excellence in Film Production & Post Production Facilities program

centers for excelence

This program seeks to catalyze private sector investments by leveraging public investments in modern, state of the art film production and post-production facilities. It will equip one center per region with modern film production and post production equipment in each of five regions.

Implemented as PPP projects, the facilities will be operated by the private sector or along private sector principles. The operators will be tasked with commercialization in order to ensure more impact in the long run. FEPACI currently, has an application under review at the African Development Bank to fund the Centers of Excellence.

The Ambika Program


The Ambika program is a platform for skills improvement in film making while also providing grant financing for competitively selected scripts. It will also constitute a platform for continuous industry dialogue through a biannual film festival and forum.  Implemented through partners, it includes pitching & production forums, training, a film fund and the Ambika Safari Film Festival.

Capacity Building for the National Associations

capacity building

Our capacity building program for the national associations involves training of staff, members and secretaries in lobbying skills, policy articulation, and membership services design. The program will also provide limited seed funding for some activities including a) distribution business opportunities breakfasts, b) policy roundtables and c) policy meetings with national legislatures.

The program will also develop and distribute FEPACI handbooks, tools and templates for the national and regional secretariats operations, and provide assistance to design membership services.

FEPACI is currently in consultations with the African Capacity Building Foundation to build Africa’s audiovisual and cinema sector. The program will cost $5m over 5 years to support FEPACI’s strategy and operating model for national associations and to refine the scope as well as costs of building their capacity to develop sustainable programs

Scaling up formal Film Distribution

scaling up filim dis

Distribution is key to commercial success of audiovisual and cinema sector. To promote better distribution, our programs will get the private sector involved by highlighting the business case. We shall work with The African Media Initiative and other players in distribution. We shall engage African governments and work with national & regional legislatures to promote incentives for the use of African content. FEPACI is creating and promoting existing film festivals so that there is one in each region.

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