The Ambika Program

The Ambika program seeks to improve practical skills, access to finance for producers and to create a platform for in depth consideration on industry issues. It includes pitching & production forums, training, a film fund and the Ambika Africa Safari Film Festival. The Ambika program has the following sub components:

Ambika Pitching & Production Forum

The purpose of the pitching & production forum is to promote and strengthen the African story. The program seeks film ideas from filmmakers in all countries of Africa. A jury will select the best ideas. The filmmakers whose ideas are selected will receive training and financial support for the production of those films.

Ambika Film Fund

The purpose of the fund is to stimulate investments in film training, production and distribution. This will enhance the development of African filmmakers, supporting job creation. Experienced fund managers will be contracted to run the funds and ensure they are market driven and sustainable.

Ambika Safari Film Festival

The film festival will be held once every two years and will include a variety of activities including film screenings and a forum. The film festival will have two sub-components: Film forum & Film Festival.

African Luminary Filmmaker

Every 2 years, during the film festival, the individual who has made an outstanding contribution to Africa’s film industry either in their country or on the continent will be awarded US$100,000.

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