Operationalization of the AACC & AACF

FEPACI is working with the African Union Commission to ensure the speedy establishment and operationalization of the AACC and Fund. This work includes constant lobbying and advocacy,
and is being carried out in the context of Agenda 2063. This is in furtherance of the decisions of the AU, going back to 1992, 2003 and 2009 to create the necessary infrastructure to promote cultural industries.The key areas of work are the preparation of the State of Audiovisual and Cinema Industry in Africa, 2015 Report; the draft Statutes for the establishment of the African Audiovisual and Cinema Commission and consultations with various stakeholders.

Preliminary studies have been completed resulting in the Status of the African Audiovisual and Cinema Report 2015. Draft statutes for the establishment of the proposed African Audiovisual and Cinema Commission have been prepared and consultations among AU Member States and sector stakeholders were held through a 2-day workshop in July 13th -14th 2015 represented by 15 countries.

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